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Phalcon, PHPUnit and database

I am currently writing a REST API in Phalcon PHP framework. Database is mostly handled by ORM, but I also created few repositories for complex queries in raw SQL. Mocking all of this is very problematic so I decided to run tests on additional, test-only database. This database is populated by initial test data, which is […]

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Confirm form submit using bootbox modal for Laravel resource deletion

I’m currently playing with Laravel and it’s resourceful controllers. Resource deletion is made by DELETE request (which, by the way, is not available from HTML forms and it’s actually POST with “_method” key). So delete button must be submit button wrapped in form. I wanted to add customizable confirm question for resources deletion using bootbox plugin. […]

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Phalcon 1.3 with nginx on debian 7

Copy/paste guide for installing nginx with phalcon 1.3 on clean  debian 7

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Google Maps – handling huge amount of markers

Problem We have a huge amount of markers and we want to display it to user using google maps.  Solution use ajax requests to fetch markers only for area visible by user display message “please zoom in”, if we have too many markers (let’s say that limit is 500) use MarkerClustererPlus to display fetched markers […]

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