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Simple daemon wrapper script in bash

I needed to run quick  PHP script every 15 seconds. Cron job cannot be used to run tasks more frequently than one minute. This simple script based on this will do the trick. Can be used on servers with shell access without root permissions. Changelog: 2014-10-29 Added pid check

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Reuse an old laptop or netbook as a VPS backup solution

Introduction I have an old unused netbook – Asus eee 900HD. It’s very small and has 160GB HDD. I decided to install there debian and reuse it as a VPS backup solution. My netbook is behind NAT, connected to home router by fast ethernet cable, so the plan is to repeat these steps: Make a […]

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MySQL backup bash script

Simple script for cron jobs. It makes backup of all available mysql databases except for IgnoredDatabases array. Dump is compressed on the fly. Backups older than 30 days are deleted.

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