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TCX workouts map

I wanted to put all my workouts from endomondo on single map. First, I exported all workouts as TCX files using endomondo-export python script. Then, I created this simple tool to visualise workouts on google maps.

 Tools and technology

  • Google Maps Javascript API was used to render workouts
  • Jquery was used for TCX parsing and DOM manipulation
  • FileReader was used to read TCX files by JavaScript
  • Everything can work offline, server is NOT required

Usage and additional information

Just drag&drop TCX files to specified area and wait for results. Works best on Chrome. Tested with 200 trainings and works fine.

Workouts are grouped by sports. If you have many diffierent sport disciplines, you should add more colors in “availableColors” array.

This tool was created in one evening. Feel free to reuse this code and add new functionalities.


Live demo



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